Thursday, March 10, 2005

Spring break

I want to make a post about writers' groups, about which I have a lot of thoughts/opinions/experiences, but I've just been so tired this week (still recuperating -- there was an article on the front page of today's paper about how everyone in town is sick and they don't think it's the flu, but it's definitely more severe than the usual common cold). Maybe over the weekend.

Next week is spring break on campus, and I'm taking a couple of vacation days to give myself a nice long weekend. I have a lot of plans for my four days: enjoy some of my favorite local writing/coffee spots without the usual swarms of students; move around some bookshelves and try to find space for a new set (go figure, a poet/librarian who owns Way Too Many Books!); put together a chapbook manuscript for the midwest contest I linked here a few days ago -- either revise "Breach" or put together an entirely new one; do a lot of reading (I wandered up to the 9th floor of the main library yesterday -- the PS's, for those who know Library of Congress call numbers -- and came home with six volumes of poetry, LIKE I NEED MORE BOOKS IN MY HOUSE *ahem*); do some writing including some revisions; maybejustmaybe start on the book manuscript I've allegedly been working on for a while now (hey, I have a title and some ideas about thematic progression -- shouldn't it put itself together just from that?); and some assorted housecleaning, errands, take the cat to the vet, et cetera.

That's a lot for four measly days. Sigh.

Anyway, watch this space for my Thoughts On Writing Groups in the next few days.

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