Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Radio and journaling

Just had a call from Jenny Kander, who hosts a couple of local poetry radio shows -- sometimes she reads poems on a particular theme or by a particular poet, and sometimes she has local poets come in to read. She has a weekly show on WFIU (our NPR station) and a daily one on WFHB (community radio), as well as sharing revolving-host duties with several other people for a different weekly WFHB show. I've been on all of these shows at least once. Anyway, she's asked me to come in and record one or two shows for WFIU -- I haven't been on that show for a couple of years, so it will be nice to do it again. I don't record till May, and I'm not sure when it will air, but one can listen online, so I'll be sure to post when I have details in case anyone wants to hear my Midwestern twang. Hee.

Jenny's also getting a group together in a couple weeks to spend some time talking about journaling. I'll probably be the only one there who keeps any sort of online journal or blog, so I want to represent that perspective a bit. I'd love to hear some input from fellow bloggers. Do you think of your blog as a journal of sorts? Do you keep a paper (or electronic) journal in addition to your blog? If so, how does the content differ? Do you use your journal, your blog, both, or neither to generate new writing (as in poetry/essays/fiction/whatever)? What made you decide to start blogging, and what have you gained from it? Do you ever feel a sense of discomfort at making parts of your life quite so public? Are there (and I'm assuming this answer will be "yes" for everyone) parts of your life that you choose not to disclose online? How do you decide where to draw that line?

Any input would be warmly welcomed! I'm thinking that the whole concept of keeping a blog or online journal of any kind will be a fairly new one for many in the group, so I'm trying to anticipate some of their questions & concerns -- and I'm interested in these issues myself.


Radish King said...

Journal is not a verb!
xor, professional crackpot

jenni said...

cool post anne.

Anne said...

"Verbing weirds language" -- Calvin & Hobbes (I think) :)

Radish King said...