Saturday, March 26, 2005

bad poet, no donut

So I skipped the Barbara Hamby/David Kirby reading today, for which I feel a bit guilty, especially after my little rant about how the local poets & the MFA folks need to support each other's efforts. But Jenny Kander (local poet who hosts a couple of radio shows, edits anthologies, and does other good stuff) had invited several of us over to have a bit of a discussion group about journaling (ok, ok, journal keeping!) and rather than blow out of there early to catch the reading, I decided to stay and continue the discussion. This is, apparently, going to evolve into an ongoing group, sort of a salon-type thing.

I brought up blogging and online journaling; some of the folks there were intrigued & wanted to know more (and if any of you are reading this, hi!) and some felt that they just didn't want to spend that kind of time online. Which I can kind of understand -- hello, it is a bit of a time-sink -- although I have discovered a number of wonderful poets, some of my fellow bloggers definitely included, who I might otherwise not have stumbled across.

Also: got a postcard from Calyx today, informing me that two of my poems have made their second cut. I feel really good about this, because I love Calyx. The final decision won't be made for another 5-6 months though. Gotta love feminist collectives. (And to be honest, I do love them.) They're good about staying in touch though -- I got a postcard right before Christmas to say my packet had made the first cut, and now they've let me know which two poems they are specifically (potentially) interested in, so I can send the others elsewhere. So I'll forgive them for their slooooow editorial process.

Happy Easter tomorrow, to those of you who celebrate it!

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