Thursday, May 26, 2005

Next week on an all-new episode of Land Mammal...

Tonight and tomorrow: house cleaning, packing, errand running, and so forth. Tomorrow night: drive up to Mom's (about a 4.5 hour drive, including the fun of wading through Indianapolis 500 traffic). Saturday: my 44th birthday; dinner with Mom and her boyfriend. Sunday: brunch with Mom at Tippecanoe Place (followed shortly by a rather comatose state -- they serve a HUGE, wonderful brunch). Monday: drive back home. Don't expect a whole lot of blogging till I get back.

Next week: need to write up two ultra-short bio notes, find two appropriate quotations with which to open, and select two 4.5-minute groups of poems to record for "The Poets Weave" with Jenny Kander on WFIU, our local NPR station. These will air on July 24 and August 7 at 11:45 am Indiana time, and you can listen online -- I'll post reminders closer to the date! I actually think I know more or less what poems I'm going to read (Jenni - you'll like that one of the programs will be mostly Sugar poems) and I've written up the bios, but finding appropriate quotes is going to take some poking around. I always enjoy reading on the radio, though I can never quite bear to listen to the sound of my own voice.

Then I'll have the weekend to practice reading those poems and (gasp) do some writing, I hope. The IU Writers' Conference begins that Sunday (June 5th) and I'll be attending most of the evening readings, which should be fun. Monday the 6th I'll troop over to WFIU in the late afternoon to record poems. It's neat that I'm doing that in the midst of the conference energy -- the readings are usually a lot of fun and get me excited about poetry, and I'm glad they are open to the public so I can attend even in years when I don't spend money/vacation time on the conference itself.

The next 3 weeks or so are really busy at work though -- I'll be covering some odd shifts, working an evening or two and a couple of weekend days, which is unusual for me, and training a new student worker. I suspect the month between now and my D.A. Powell workshop is going to fly right by. Hooray!


Laine said...

Happy birthday!

My sympathies on the Indy 500 traffic. I'm leaving STL Saturday morning and heading east on I-70 until I find Pittsburgh. I hit that durn traffic every year.

Is "The Poets Weave" a reagular feature on WFIU?

Anne said...

Thanks, Laine! Oddly, the 500 traffic wasn't bad at all this year -- at least not on Friday night or Monday night. Hopefully the usual Friday-night folks weren't waiting till Saturday just so they could get in your way. :) And yes, "The Poets Weave" is a regular feature; it's on every Sunday from 11:45-11:50 am. Blink and you miss it.