Friday, May 27, 2005

No chapbook love

Just got my rejection from the Flume Press chapbook contest. They actually give a couple pararaphs of critique, which is nice. They seemed to think the title was good ("Breach contains powerful imagery, especially in reference to the collection title") -- I like the title myself, so it's nice to get a little validation there -- and they picked out one poem they especially liked. And they picked out some stuff they didn't like so much, which I will think about. Anyway, they had 188 submissions; the winner was Sharon Charde, whoever she is -- Sharon, if you're out there, congratulations. (Congrats also to Christopher Buckley, Don Colburn, and Richard Spilman, who were finalists.)

Oh, and I get a copy of the winning chapbook -- Bad Girl at the Altar Rail, which is a cool title, isn't it? -- when it comes out. That's why I entered this particular contest -- getting a bit of critique & a copy of the winner makes the entry fee seem a lot more worthwhile.

I have another ms. currently out to a chapbook contest. I'd kind of like to revise Breach so that it doesn't duplicate any of the poems in Landlocked Luck, and send them both around for a while. Maybe that's a good goal for this summer. I think this will be the Summer of Revision. I don't feel like I have a whole lot new to say these days, so maybe revising the stuff I've got is the best plan. And god knows a lot of it needs it.


marymary said...

In case you actually wanted to know who Sharon Charde is :)

Charles said...

The Flume Press contest is really remarkable because they do take the time to provide with with such extensive comments on your manuscripts.

I lost one year and received a beautiful letter from them, telling me both what I did well...and a long list of suggested improvements.

Good for you for getting your stuff out there.

(Everytime I get a rejection in the mail, my boyfriend excitedly tells me, "Hey! Congratulations anyway!")

jenni said...

Hey, at least you sent it out. and that's smart too--a press that gives you feedback. i like that. i'm going to keep them in mind for next year.

in the meantime, use their ideas to your advantage, work it girl!

Peter said...

Happy Birthday Anne: Hope you have a good one. And if you think you are feeling old: just remember: you are younger than I am! hehehe

Kay Day said...

Hi, Anne,
I discovered your blog today; enjoyed my visit.

It sounds to me like you came close with your chapbook, so that is grounds to celebrate. And at least you're putting it out there. When I first started trying to find a publisher years ago, if a rejection came (and a whole roomful did), I just tweaked and sent it back on its merry way.

Eventually, you find a home.

I have to commend Flume Press for sending a crit and comments as well as a copy of the winning book. To me, that's giving something back to the entrants, and that's a lofty thing to do.

Best of luck to you,
Kay Day

Anne said...

Thanks, all -- yep, Flume's practice of sending comments and a copy of the winner goes a long way towards erasing that "oh, I paid 15 bucks (or however much it was, I forget) for this little piece of paper with sorry on it" feeling. One of their comments has been getting under my skin a bit for the past few days, but that's because it echoes one of my own little voices inside, one of the ones I don't especially want to think is right. Hah!

And Peter, somebody's gotta be older than me! *grin* At least you're not a middle-aged spinster with cats and comfortable shoes.... ;)

Luke said...

Sharon Charde is my aunt.

I was actually searching for some of her articles when I stumbled on your blog. Best wishes on present and future writing.

With a smile,