Saturday, May 21, 2005

Two funnies and a request

The best laugh I've had all week: Emily has a great post at her blog about "poetry face" -- and Robin points out that "The cat deliberately mistakes poetry face for cat-ass-mirror. Cats like to edit, though."

CAT-ASS-MIRROR! I am still giggling over that one.


Some searches that have led people to my blog in the last month or so:
national hairball awareness day
strange mammal
cheating poems
duck manuscripting
find the mammal donut whole
"adam eve and steve"
poems about librarians
picture of hairball


Would anyone be willing to take a look at a somewhat long-ass poem I'm wrestling with? It's about two and a half pages right now, fairly narrative, and it feels terribly unfocused -- I'm afraid that I am too wedded to the "true story" and haven't yet unearthed the actual truth of the poem. I don't need extensive critique at this point, just a sense of direction, maybe -- nobody's read it yet and it feels like time. You can comment here or backchannel me (ahaines at gmail dot com) and I can fire it off to you, with much gratitude.

(No pressure, mind. I can always bring it in to my poetry group for a little feedback, so don't feel that someone must pipe up here.)


I did get my new laptop power cord yesterday, and we had a joyous little reunion last night. Let there be power!


Emily Lloyd said...

I'm game! My email is ....send 'er over.

Charles said...

I'd be happy to! You can get my email address on my blog. :)

the machinist said...

oh! I'm in, too!

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

Hi Anne, I'll take a look at it. I'm in the middle of all phases of 'somewhat long-ass poems" right now—bring her on. I'd like to read it. 'Sides, we five foot one & a halfers have to stick together (never underestimate the importance of a half!) Send plain text pasted to email, unless you're a fellow mac-a-dee, (no Word or Evil Empire) to poetdee at mac dot com.

oh yeah, and I'll try not to be cat-ass-mirror about it ;-)

Lorna Dee

p.s. I'm thinking of starting up my workshops again on an island off of Cancun, Mexico—as everyone needs a cottage by the sea. Try the Carribean, for half the price of the Northern seaboard. Whee! Can you spell 'XX' & chaya?