Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Too Cranky for Poetry: A List

  1. Realized today that with the way Northwest Airlines has changed my schedule on me (they cancelled the sweet nonstop flight I originally had), my trip to Provincetown is being cut short by what feels like almost a full day -- I will have to catch the 11 am ferry back to Boston in order to make my 5:48 pm flight. That is the latest flight of the day on Northwest, and the next later ferry would get me to the airport without enough time to safely make the plane. I'd hoped to spend the morning/early afternoon on the beach or on a whale-watch boat and catch the 3:00 ferry; under the original schedule that would have gotten me to the airport about 90 minutes before my flight. (It's 90 minutes on the ferry, plus allow about a half-hour to get across the harbor via water taxi & catch the bus to the airport proper.) I will investigate flying via Cape Air, but I think that will be too expensive to consider. I am bummed about this hijacking of the last few hours of my vacation. On the other hand, I may be able to meet up with some Boston friends for lunch at the airport, since I'll be there for over four hours.
  2. Took my car to get the oil changed today and found out that my brake lights are completely out. Since I don't have a garage to park in, I don't really have any way to see my own brake lights (picture a 1991 Toyota Corolla craning itself around to check out its own butt), so no idea how long this has been the case, and I'm quite surprised I have not been pulled over. The bulbs are apparently fine, so they suspect it is the switch. I drove across the street to the Marathon with the decent garage, but they were unable to look at it today. So first thing tomorrow morning, instead of getting to work on time, I have to take the car to the shop. I can't drive around without brake lights!
  3. On top of all that, our e-reserves server at work was apparently down today, and it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to give me any information about it. Sure hope it's back tomorrow.
  4. So overall, I am just plain cranky today. Too cranky for poetry.
  5. Two good things: [5a] In three days, I turn forty-four years old. [5b] And in one month, I will be able to get sand between my toes and salt water on my lips. I'll spend my mornings by the water, my afternoons talking about poetry, and my evenings going to readings & coming back to my little room to write. I cannot imagine any better vacation. (Well, okay, having class in the morning so I could have my beach time in the afternoons would be a little better. But that's okay. I'm counting the days anyhow.)


jenni said...

damn, that sucks. are they at least going to give you some kind of refund?

make sure to take notes and post them, or email them to me. im interested in what he has to say--he's quite amazing, in my small opinion.

Anne said...

Jenni, no, as far as the airline is concerned all they've done is switch me to a flight that leaves one hour earlier -- they can't really help it that the ferry schedule is such that I now have to leave P-town half a day earlier. I may call them and just ask whether there's anything that can be done, but since there's no later flight they could switch me to, I think I'm stuck with it!

But yes, I will take lots of notes and since I have wifi in my B&B I will probably blog at least once or twice during the week. I'm dying to find out what Powell is like and what I can learn from him!