Friday, June 23, 2006


They should not let poets go out drinking. Especially not when there is bad (oh, bad, VERY bad) drag karaoke to be found.

That's as much gossip as yer gonna get. It's 3:22 am and I am going to sleep.


p.s. I love Provincetown.


LitByFire said...

You are staying at FAWC. My brilliant student Nicky is interning at FAWC. My exhusband is staying at FAWC. Hmm....have I gone astray?

Thank you for the good comments on Provincetown Arts pieces. I have almost given up on that book. Maybe I'm wrong.

Of course you love Provincetown! I don't trust any poet who doesn't!!! Enjoy your last day/days. How was the open reading?

Peter said...

Oh, DO tell all!

Anne said...

C: Oh, I wish I'd known about Nicky earlier! I would have made an effort to chat with her. They seem to have a good group of interns this year (and they need to be good, since the office is short staffed at the moment). And the open reading was wonderful, of course. It was a high point last year and again this year. And Dorothy does such a great job of introducing everyone and being everyone's enthusiastic fan. :)

P: Okay, it wasn't really all that scandalous. Nothing more scandalous than alcohol and karaoke followed by drunken poetry recitations (some poets just have way too many poems memorized for their own good, I'll tell you what) (and I'm actually fairly envious of that).