Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rainy morning in Provincetown

Life is good and I am a very lucky girl this week. I am laughing hard, writing hard, and waking early without the alarm (you gotta realize I can normally sleep till noon without even trying).

Carl Phillips read last night and he was great. I bought his newest book and had him sign it -- he seems like a sweet guy. My friends who are taking his workshop seem to be having a good time. Though I have to say I don't regret for a moment deciding to take D.A. Powell's workshop myself, even though I studied with him last year. He is an amazing teacher. (I would love to just crawl around inside his brain for like ten minutes someday.) His reading is tonight and he has promised to read a lot of new stuff -- something to look forward to with great eagerness, for sure.

I've written two poems so far this week -- both of them by 9 a.m. This is NOT NORMAL. But I'll take it.

There are mosquitoes here as big as my head. Everywhere you go, you see their slapped, squashed bodies.

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