Thursday, June 01, 2006


The last couple of weeks have been entirely exhausting, as I've gotten the branch library I used to coordinate closed down and have moved into my new position (currently in temporary desk space until someone else vacates her space mid-summer). I will like my new job, I think; one of my next tasks is actually to come up with my own job title, which amuses me greatly. I will be doing lots of instructional writing and creating documentation, among other things, and working a couple shifts a week on a busy reference desk serving primarily undergraduates, and some other stuff as well -- it started out feeling like a real hodgepodge, but I'm starting to see how it all really fits together and all belongs in the same job description. It's an evolving thing, for sure.

And exhausting. Every night this week I've crashed out on the couch for a lengthy evening nap. I haven't written a poem in at least three weeks now. Which is bad timing, as it will be best for me to go to Provincetown (just over two weeks away!) with fresh writing in hand and in an energetic writing mode. I am hoping to recuperate this weekend, do some reading which will hopefully spark a new draft or two. If all else fails, I do have a pile of poems from April that still need work -- and I may well take one or two of those along (we're supposed to bring 3 poems to workshop with enough copies for everyone), but I also want to be in the midst of productivity when I arrive, because then I will be ready to start working hard the moment I get there instead of taking a day or two to get into the swing of it.

So this weekend's agenda is a reunion with the Muse. Anyone who's ever been in a long-distance relationship knows how lovely reunion sex can be; hopefully reunion poetry will be as good. :)

We shall see.

Meanwhile, it's raining.


Radish King said...

New title suggestion: QUEEN OF EVERYTHING.

Sheryl said...

Please report back on your experience at Provincetown.

It is good to rest. I don't know why, but I think in our culture we resist this. We think we should always be working or striving. I don't know why. I just wanted to say this.

Anne said...

Radishcakes: Can I be the Empress of Everything instead? My not-entirely-masculine fluffy cat has already declared himself the Queen. *grin*

Sheryl: For sure I will report back! Last year I blogged from Provincetown almost every day I was there. I won't promise to do the same this year, but y'all will certainly hear about it. And yes, rest is good. I think it's one reason I live alone -- I can come home and shut down if I need to.