Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Readings, we got readings

Indiana U. Writers' Conference reading schedule (Sunday through Thursday of next week, June 11-15): http://www.indiana.edu/~writecon/schedule.html (scroll down past the workshops and classes)

And the Fine Arts Work Center has finally posted at least some of their summer readings/events: http://www.fawc.org/events/index.shtm

If you're within driving/ferry distance of Provincetown, check this schedule -- there's a lot of good stuff! And yes, of course I will sign up for the student reading on the 22nd. Me? Pass up a chance to get up in front of people and force them to listen to me for a minute or two? Hell no. *grin*

The Stanley Kunitz memorial will be on July 29 (a Saturday) at 11 am, with a broadsides exhibition & reading the following evening. I bet that will be a Big Event. If I win the lottery between now & then, I'm buying a plane ticket...

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