Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today I was supposed to go to a monthly journaling discussion group, which I usually enjoy a great deal, and I'd intended to go to a late-afternoon concert in the park featuring several local women musicians. I skipped out on both, though -- after the last couple of weeks, I desperately need this weekend just to get myself together and prepare for the heavy-duty, high-energy writing push that I intend to experience in Provincetown. So I have spent the day watching tennis, snuggling up with the cats (who have both been ridiculously affectionate -- even more so than usual, and they are both lovey cats -- today), and napping. There is no nap more restorative than one taken in the sunshine, with a sacked-out cat draped across one's chest, purring in one's face. Unless, of course, one is allergic to cats, in which case I guess it wouldn't be terribly restorative at all. Thank goodness I'm not. Cats are such creatures of comfort, and their sense of comfort is contagious.

I have not even touched my paper journal since closing down "my" branch library, having a birthday, spending the long weekend at my mom's, and starting my new job. Sometimes when I haven't written about stuff, I don't quite know how I feel about it. Now that I seem to be finished napping, I think writing is next on my agenda. Once I've written a bit I think I will feel less scattershot. Sure hope so anyway.

Provincetown plans are coming together. I had a brief panic when I found that most of the B&B's there are requiring a three-night minimum stay on June weekends these days, and I'd planned to stay at FAWC through Friday night, then move to a B&B Saturday and Sunday after my workshop ends -- I'm going on an all day whale watch that Saturday, which should be great fun. As it turns out, someone I've known online for a number of years (and her husband) will be driving from Boston to Provincetown to join me on the whale watch, so we've jointly reserved a room -- they'll take Friday night, then I can drop my bags there Saturday morning before the whale watch and I'll take the room Saturday and Sunday nights. It should work out beautifully, and I'm also pretty excited to meet this person in "real life" for the first time. Plus, after a week of eating/breathing/sleeping poetry, it will be good to spend a day out on the ocean doing something entirely non-literary. And then the next day, Sunday, I plan on going to the beach and just being a lazy bum all day.

All I have to do now is reserve my spot on the Boston-to-Provincetown ferry, and my spot in the airport parking lot. Two weeks from tomorrow I will drive my car to the airport, take the shuttle bus from the parking lot to the airport proper, fly to one city, change planes and fly to another city, take the bus to the water transportation, take the water taxi to the ferry dock, take the ferry across the bay, and then most likely (since I will have an unreasonable number of bags, what with my laptop and the fact that I have to bring my own sheets and towels) take a taxi to the Fine Arts Work Center. That's a lot of transportation. And I look forward to being transported.

I can't wait to feel the ocean breathing in my ear.


LitByFire said...

Great cat photo!

Radish King said...

The ocean yelled at me yesterday. I told the ocean simmer down. She didn't.

William said...

I'm taking a class at the FAWC during the 4th of July week and STILL haven't found a place to stay!!! I have the reservations for the class, and for Amtrak and the ferry, but just refuse to pay 150 plus a night for a room... Looks like I might be homeless that week- might get me a lot of good poetry at least- :) Let's hope I still have my good looks and won't be on the streets too late at night!

Next year, we should time our workshops and rent a place together- perhaps a condo with other FAWC-ers!


Anne said...

C.- thanks! I am pretty fond of that little guy. :)

Radishcakes - dang disobedient ocean! I don't think she is too good at simmering down though. I think the ocean has ADHD.

William - eek, 4th of July week is crazy in Provincetown... good luck! A few places do give a small discount to FAWC students (I know Moffett House and Admirals Landing do). Also, if you are up for camping, you might be able to find a spot in one of the campgrounds; renting a bike would be the easiest way to get back & forth to town, although I think the Truro shuttle bus goes close to one of them. Also, if you call FAWC they may be able to help you come up with something. If all else fails, keep calling places in case they have a cancellation. Whose workshop are you taking?

LitByFire said...

The Cape Codder is very nice, clean, friendly and reasonable. Probably booked, but try to get on a waiting list. Everyone likes it.

Anne, I tried to take a picture of King George today, learning to use the camera. It turns out a white cat on a white blanket is only eyes...

Anne said...

A white cat on a white blanket sounds like a polar bear in a snowstorm! :) Hm... there's a poem in there somewhere, but I think it's camouflaged.

Robin said...

Sounds like a nice break for you. Enjoy!