Monday, July 23, 2007

Bonus poem

A very rough draft from yesterday. After a week of listening to Carl Phillips talk, I think his penchant for making really long sentences rubbed off a bit. *grin* I'll take this down within 24 hours or so.

[and, it's gone.]


Garbo said...

I know it's a draft, but it's gorgteous, Anne. This one has the deep spirituality of some of your whale poems. I am not sure about the word "tender" - I think it's a play on "tinder," right? I liked the idea of years when the harvest overflows and we need to remember to gather by the armful.

Anne said...

Thanks, G. -- "tinder" yes, but also a play on "legal tender" I think, and maybe a couple of other things as well.

James said...


Will you send it as a message to me,
since I was so unfortunate to miss it? I'm a high fan of Carl Phillips and would love to see your writing, as well as what his workshop has done with you. :D

Take care.

(That was my email above.)