Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy things

Thing One: Discovering Genre: Poetry, the classroom anthology that includes work by several of your friendly neighborhood bloggers, won an award from the Association of Educational Publishers (and here's the official awards list). Cool!

Thing Two: Ed Byrne, editor of the nifty Valparaiso Poetry Review, nominated my poem "Swallowed" for the Best of the Net anthology. Again, cool! Watch his blog this weekend to see which other poems he's nominated.

Thing Three: Whoops, I'm still sitting on Thing Three! (Kind of like the princess and the pea. Only, you know, not.) I want to wait until a few more t's are dotted and i's are crossed, which might be a few weeks actually, but then I'll have a small announcement. I know, I hate it when people do this too. La la la. :)

It's August tomorrow. I can't believe it. Where the hell did my July go? Come back, July! I wasn't through with you!


Garbo said...

Ooh, can we guess about Happy Thing #3? Seems that some sort of deal might be struck. Your parole officer is releasing you from house arrest? No, I think that was some starlet. Let's see, are you signing a prenup with somebody? Hmm, relationship between a poet/librarian and someone rich enough to require a prenup. . . No, I don't think you'd pick that. Are you Hillary's running mate in '08???

Brent Goodman said...

May I offer Thing #4? You're mentioned in an interview over at the new Barn Owl Review blog. The editor named your piece as one of his favs in the innaugural issue!



Radish King said...

I just came here to write the same thing!

The one I like best, the one that literally tore the top of my head off, was Anne Haines’ “Surviving the Fairy Tale.”


Collin said...

Congrats, Anne!

Erin said...

Huzzah, Anne! It seems, though we're still mourning the passing of July, August is robust & in fine health.

Anne said...

Garbo: You're on to me, darn it!

Brent & Rebecca: Oh my! Now I'm a little worried about my poems running around out there violently scalping people... ;) Seriously, I'm floored!

Collin & Erin: Thanks! :)