Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It has come to our attention that this blog has had altogether too much thinking and cogitating and generally pointless rumination going on lately. Consequently, the remainder of this post will be devoted to the aftermath of my first (and, one rather hopes, my last) trip to "Cheeseburger In Paradise," which just opened up in the building where Chi-Chi's (late lamented home of half-price after-work margaritas and at least one known case of hepatitis) used to be.


Ahhhhhhhhh. Much better.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

The Mgmt.

(The pina colada wasn't bad. Too sweet by half, but nice and fruity, and nice and big. We like nice big fruity things here at Land Mammal, yes indeedy do.)

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jenni said...

I LOVED Chi Chi's! So sad that it is gone. They had these seafood nachos that were to die for--haven't found anything like them anyplace else. Used to go there on Tues and Thur for drink specials. I also loved how the place was decorated, so colorful.

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