Saturday, July 30, 2005

Poet's Market

I had a "30% off any paperback" coupon from Borders, so (silly silly me) I wandered in there today. Lo and behold, the 2006 Poet's Market was on the shelf, so I used the coupon on that. If anyone would like the 2005 edition, I will either trade it for another book if you've got something I might want, or else I will send it for the cost of postage and a padded envelope (not sure how much that would be, maybe 4 bucks or so? it is a fairly large book). For that matter, I still have the 2004 edition, if anyone could use that -- same deal. Both are somewhat dog-eared and lightly annotated. I will also consider trading for recent issues of journals I haven't already read -- esp. if you have the Martin Espada-edited issue of Ploughshares.

I have been reading Lucia Perillo's new book, Luck Is Luck -- wonderful stuff. I took a workshop with her in 2002 at the Indiana U. Writers' Conference and enjoyed it quite a bit.

I keep wanting to make popcorn and then remembering I have a big hole in my mouth where my tooth used to be, and popcorn would probably be a Spectacularly Bad Idea. Fooey. I really love popcorn.


Trista said...

I've had a tooth crumble and fall out before. And I love popcorn, as well. Usually I made it by promising myself that I would just suck on the popcorn. But I always just ate it normally, just trying to keep it on the correct side of the mouth. Still, sometimes I forgot... But, what's a little pain compared to buttery, salty bliss?

Anne said...

I don't think I can hold out much longer ... tonight may be popcorn night! :)

LKD said...

Cost of postage and a padded envelope? For real? Hmmmmm. Might just take you up on that, Anne. Maybe owning last year's edition might actually motivate me to submit my stuff.


Can I call dibs on it? If no one else has emailed you about it, I think I WILL take you up on it. I'll email you later when I get home from work.

Anne said...

Laurel, it's yours if you want it! :)