Thursday, July 21, 2005

your laugh for the day

Go read The Dan Brown Code, written and produced by Spatch. Even if you haven't read the best seller in question (as I haven't), this is a rather hysterically funny sendup. (And if you like this, there's much more amusement to be found on his site.)

Oh, and last night's Enormous Burp? That had nothing to do with the Large Fruity Drink, which only made me slightly smilier than usual (though I do admit to being a lightweight when it comes to alcohol-containing concoctions). No, that Enormous Burp was the sound of a cheeseburger attempting to, uh, get itself evicted from paradise. Let's just say the food at that place leaves something to be desired.

Carry on. :)

Oh! Also: there is a lovely article on Stanley Kunitz in this week's Provincetown Banner. What I'd give to be in Provincetown tomorrow night... sigh.

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