Sunday, July 03, 2005

home again, home again...

As the plane descended into Indianapolis I saw all these flashes of light. I thought maybe there was a big fire or accident or something with lots of emergency vehicles, and then I realized it was fireworks -- a couple of larger displays, I think, and a ton of just individual people shooting off fireworks in their yard. It was so cool to see that from the air. Little flashes everywhere, all kinds of colors, bigger and bigger as we descended.

So I'm home, and my checked bag made it too, and the cats are just fine. I have a ton of blog comments, some of which I do want to respond to, but ... not tonight. I'm zonked. If you left me a comment in the last week and want a response and don't get one in the next day or two, please feel free to email me (ahaines at gmail dot com).

Very tired. Good night!

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gina said...

welcome back--hope the transition isn't too jarring.