Thursday, July 07, 2005

I did expect this

Hello, post-workshop blues. I've been expecting you.

Don't get too comfortable. I don't intend for you to stick around long.

Meanwhile, I'll just be over here with my head underneath the covers for a while.


Peter said...

Anne: Have a great NPR reading! I hope the post-conference blues are short-lived. And followed by a burst of awesome creativity.

Diane K. Martin said...

Yeah, get up and practice for your reading. It will be fabulous.

Then get those new poems revised, bring them to your poetry group, and send 'em out.

(pep talk over and out)



Anne said...

Peter & Diane, thanks. The radio reading was recorded a month or so ago ... nothing left for me to do but turn on the radio when it's time and prepare to cringe! *grin*

There's a free concert in the park tomorrow night by Carrie Newcomer, a local (though nationally-known) singer-songwriter I adore -- hopefully that will perk me up a bit.

Carol Peters said...

jes pick up a pen and let it write

Laine said...

I think a little music from an lovely folk singer sounds like a great cure for creative blues. I used to curl up in a back booth at the Knickerbocker Saloon and listen to her. I can't directly attribute any great works to such behavior, but it was good medicine, just the same. And her voice goes well with Amaretto.

Erin B. said...

Anne, you're all about it.

No question.

Robin Bellanger said...

Stop blogging right now!