Friday, July 08, 2005

recovering we cleave and sunder, cleave and sunder--

Today I was in the throes of post-workshop blues, and missing people I haven't seen in years, and missing people I barely know, and feeling generally disconnected. I went out (by myself) to Third Street Park for Carrie Newcomer's annual free concert in the park -- always fun, with kids and dogs and picnics and hot air balloons drifting overhead and fireflies rising up out of the grass, and good music. I met a six-month-old black Lab pup who made me smell like puppy kisses.

So I was sitting in the park, listening to Carrie play. I looked around at people I know, and people who probably know people I know, and people I'll probably know someday, and people I don't know at all. And all of a sudden I thought, the sweetest connections are the ones you don't necessarily have to call on -- it's enough to know they're there, on the other side of the park or the other side of the planet, listening to the same music, under the same sky. It's enough to know they're there. And my heart filled right back up again.

And then the fireflies started rising up out of the grass, and I waited for a star to come out so I could wish on it, and it did, so I did.

"...wrapped in hope and good intentions, bare to the bone."


Ali Davis said...

You know Rose Polenzani. That's wonderful. Kindred.

Emily Lloyd said...

Oh, Anne, you're making me cry at work. I too am missing people I haven't met today. And you're reminding me of my favorite Carrie Newcomer song, which I haven't heard in years, "My Mama Says Its True" (Nice girls always wear a bra with a sweater...)

Radish King said...

Come on over to my house. We'll have a slumber party on the beach.

Clifford Garstang said...

I'm here because you commented at Carol's blog, and I'm commenting because I love Carrie Newcomer, and also Bloomington (from a previous life), and lab puppies (I've got a chocolate one who is mostly over his puppy-hood, and is currently napping because the bath I gave him this afternoon exhausted him), and un-made connections.

Anne said...

Alison: oh yes ... Rose is amazing. I first heard her at a house concert in Indianapolis and I think I made her nervous staring at her the whole time, but I was mesmerized. (This was right after she'd put out her first CD.)

Emily: I love that song too! Have you heard her bowling song? It's about the guy who rents out the shoes at a bowling alley and the Bowling Baby he's got a wicked crush on. It even beats the mama song.

Rebecca: Those kind of toys aren't safe to use near the water! Silly.

Clifford: welcome! I envy you your puppy. Except when I think about how much stuff they chew up and destroy. Then I'm kind of glad I only have cats. :)

Samantha said...

I saw you there, and meant to say hello. There were a reasonable amount of SLISzards about, actually.

I liked the Bowling Baby song and "I Go Too" best. :)

Anne said...

Samantha, yep, seems like everywhere I go is crawling with SLIS folks! Which is not a bad thing, really. And I love love love that "Bowling Baby" song. :)