Thursday, April 14, 2005

book sale

For anyone who might be in or near the Bloomington, IN area (and if you are, freakin' introduce yourself already!):

Giant Book Sale!

Well, the books are normal size, but it is a really big sale....

InULA (Indiana University Librarians Association) Book Sale will take place Saturday and Sunday in the Herman B Wells Library (Main Library), room E174. (If you go in the main lobby doors on the parking lot side of the library, this room is in between the two sets of doors.)

Preview sale 9 am to noon Saturday, $20 admission.

Free admission from noon-5 pm Saturday and 11 am-2:30 pm Sunday.
Books sold by the bagful (SUPER CHEAP) from 3-5 pm Sunday.

I have found lots of really cool stuff at this sale in years past, including some nifty out-of-print poetry books and -- the coolest find -- the 1979 edition of Who's Who Among American High School Students, which I didn't buy when I had the chance (yes, my name is in it) because it was ridiculously expensive -- but for a dollar, twenty-plus years later, I snapped it up and gave my mom a thrill.

I'm thinking I may not allow myself to go. I need more books in this house like I need more cat hair in this house.


jenni said...

damn! I'm so jealous!! If only I could have visited a week later.

the machinist said...

damn that sounds great!

If I still lived in IL, I'd cross that border for cheap books and a chance encounter with you!