Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday-night manuscriptin'

Landlocked Travels (shamelessly ganked from an Indigo Girls song, so possible copyright issues)
Animals at Home
The Landlocked Body
Landlocked Light
Landlocked Weather
Landlocked Luck
Stupid Stinkin' Chapbook
---possibilities so far

I am either good or bad at titles -- there's no in between. I really liked "Breach" as a title, but this manuscript has changed so drastically that it just doesn't work anymore. Bah.


Kells said...


If you don't go with Stupid Stinkin' Chapbook-- I'd suggest just "Landlocked" since it seems like such a key word in all your ideas. It has a great sound to it.

Landlocked by Anne Haines

I like it.

Also, check my blog, I'm going to respond to your Li-Young question. I couldn't get to the comment section of that post, ti only went down so far then stopped halfway through someone's comment.


Anne said...

Kelli, I'm leaning towards Stupid Stinkin' Chapbook at the moment! Someone else suggested just using Landlocked, too. I guess it's a possibility, but if I do that then the title really only refers to the first section and not so much anything about the second, and I was trying to sort of tie it all together. I don't know. Hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow to play with it.

Weird about the other post. The Internet was probably being cranky again. ;)