Friday, April 07, 2006

Anyone need a NYC sublet?

Storms here today; not as bad as they've had in Tennessee, but we did have some two-inch-diameter hail this afternoon, which is the largest hail I've seen in many years. It's something else to see these smooth chunks of ice, the size of golf balls or small chicken eggs, just plummeting out of the sky.

Passing this along at the request of a friend (& fellow poet) -- if you need, or know anyone who might need, a summer sublet in NYC, his contact info is below. I know nothing about NYC to know whether this is a decent neighborhood or an okay price, so I'm just passing on what I've got. If you know anyone who can help him out, that would be great! Michael's been picking up some sweet acceptances lately, so there may be some good poetic karma to be found in his apartment. :)


Just wanted to spread the word in case anyone's looking:
I'll be subletting my studio apartment this summer and traveling.

It's located at 15th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.
That's Gram. Park/East Village, just a street from Union Square.
So it's a pleasant neighborhood on a quiet street beside a park.
And it is centrally located to all transportation (subways and buses).

I have a queen-sized bed and a full-sized futon,
a flat screen tv/dvd/vcr,
ac, small kitchen with fridge, oven and microwave
and bathroom has shower/tub.

Also, building has laundry room and elevator.
The apt is on the top floor (sixth) so there's no noise overhead.

and most (if not all) of June too.

I'm asking 1500 (ish) a month, which covers rent and bills.

Please forward to anyone interested.


(917) 817-7171

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