Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More linky goodness

Michael Montlack, who I met in D.A. Powell's workshop last summer, has a good short story in the new issue of Blithe House Quarterly.

I really like it when people I know get published. :)

Also, I found out that the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies and the Portuguese Princess Whale Watch have an all day whale-watching trip planned for the day after my workshop in June! They plan to go all the way out to Jeffreys Ledge and/or the Great South Channel in hopes of seeing some North Atlantic right whales, an extremely endangered species (about 300 individuals remaining). I have been wishing for a way to see a right whale or two someday -- seriously, I love watching humpbacks and finbacks and minke whales, but if I saw a right whale I would be pee-my-pants excited. So I am scheming about schedules and money in hopes of making this happen. A week of poetry, then a full day out on the water peering into the distance for any sign of flukes? Sounds like heaven.


hd said...

I am wearing my Womencrafts fertility goddess today and having serious P-town nostalgia. And now this. I envy you, and look forward to living vicariously through you. :o)

Anne said...

HD - I love Womencrafts! I try to buy a little something there every time I'm in town. It's very close to the Fine Arts Work Center, so I'm sure I'll be stopping in a couple times this summer.

If you go back into my archives for the end of June/beginning of July last year, you'll find lots of Provincetown posts to whet your nostalgia. :)