Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Scared yet?

Yeah, I totally ordered myself one of these today. You can get 'em from the Whittier College bookstore.


Lyle Daggett said...

There's a coffeehouse in Minneapolis that actually has a sign on the wall that says "No Poetry, Please."

Now I understand why. They feel fear.

(Cool T-shirt.)

Garbo said...

Reprise of Holly Near: "I ain't afraid of your po-ets. . ."

And thanks for your help with html code for links. Since you showed me I've gone link-crazy. Every other posted word is now blue and underlined.

Laine said...

Hehe! I ordered a shirt for Julie! It was supposed to be a surprise, a Lucky Strike Extra for graduation, but then SOMEONE sat down and started reading the wrong gmail account and all was known. (To be fair, she really *did* think it was her gmail account, and the subject "a surprise for JulieDill" is bound to attract attention, especially from JulieDill.)

Hope mother nature has stopped pelting you with ice balls. Nothing to report on the Girlyman show except that it was great, but not great enough to justify crossing thundershowers and tornadoes.

I'm sure mother nature is just peeved about the whole daylight savings thing.

Kells said...

love it. how did you find this great T? I shall be your twin in the NW.

Anne said...

Lyle: That coffeehouse should quake in its coffeehouse shoes! Muahahahaha.

Garbo: Glad the html is working out! I knew that stuff I had to learn for my master's would pay off eventually. *grin*

Laine: Shame on JulieDill, tsk! No surprise for her! :) I feel bad about missing G'man. I'm questioning whether I even trust my car for road trips anymore -- sigh. Although road trips through falling ice chunks are never much fun anyhow! I think you are right about mother nature. Hmph.

Kelli: Hee! I love thinking about people scattered around the country wearing this thing. A friend of mine who just got a faculty position at Whittier College was looking at their bookstore website trying to figure out how to order books for her classes, stumbled across the t-shirt, and sent me the link.