Saturday, April 01, 2006

napowrimo #1

This won't stay up for long.

---and the poem goes *poof* like a tripped-over shadow. (if you missed it and wanna see it, backchannel me...)


Radish King said...

This is lovely, achey and somewhat unfocused like a snapshot taken out of a car window. I think it's the shadow and light that give that impression. I love the Peter Panishness her shadow sticking out its foot, the dreaminess and solidness of that image all at once, and the lack of regret. The words tethered and anchored, the sewing of the shadow back to the self, nu? And how language is always inadequate, and how the speaker in this poem stumbles and is almost rescued and yet is rescued by the telling.

This is the first poem I've read in April, my favorite month, the month of lilacs. Leave it up. Leave it up at least until the lilacs show them selves then leave.

Anne said...

R.- I'd forgotten all about the Peter Pan shadow thing! Now I want to go back and put that in. Or just cheat and do that for tomorrow's poem.

I think I like your description of it better than I like my poem. Thank you.

Trista said...

AH! I wanna see it!

Anne said...

Trista: See yr email. :)

Emily Lloyd said...

Am I too late for a chance to see it?

Anne said...

Em - emailed it. :)