Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fear the Poet update

Apparently, ever since I blogged the link to the "Fear the Poet" t-shirt (I posted it both here and on livejournal), they have sold more shirts than they normally sell in a month, and they're back-ordered! The bookstore manager tracked down the sudden flurry of activity to me and called me to find out how in the heck I heard about them, and to let me know they were placing double their usual order to restock. Okay, it's a small bookstore that doesn't normally do that much business -- the "more than we normally sell in a month" magic number was actually only six -- but still, I am highly amused.

He said "the only top ten list Whittier College ever makes is 'top ten silliest mascots'" (yes, their athletic teams are actually the Whittier Poets) and "Fear the Poet" seemed to make a better slogan than "run away from the crazy person." Hee. He seemed quite pleased with the extra business. I originally got the link from a friend who just got hired for a faculty position at Whittier; I think she gets credit for doing some fundraising before she even arrives on campus!

Anyway, if you ordered a shirt and it's back-ordered, rest assured they truly are ordering more.


C. Dale said...

Oh I love it!

Carol Peters said...

I just upped their backlog by 2 more . . .

Erin B. said...

Anne, you're so cool. And they tracked all that action back to you.

By the way, a friend of mine is at Indiana University for a Masters in Spanish Lit. Do you know anyone named Cara? I think it means friend in Gaelic.

Lyle Daggett said...

Their school mascot is the Poets?! That's just unbelievably cool. (Hard to believe it's really the silliest school mascot. I bet if you went searching you could find some truly ludicrous ones.

The University of Minnesota mascot is the Gophers. If someone went around wearing a T-shirt that said "Fear the Gopher," people would think they were a couple of acorns short of an oak tree.

Radish King said...

They tracked the action back to you because of me.



Anne said...

Hee hee! I love that other people are ordering this. It's like we have a not-so-secret secret club or something.

Erin, don't think I know your friend -- I actually don't know many students other than those in Library Science.

Lyle, it's certainly no sillier than the University of Delaware "Blue Hens"! I used to date someone who'd gone to UDel and I picked on her about the "Fightin' Blue Hens" until she pointed out to me that my school's mascot was the Hoosiers and at least normal people know what the hell a Blue Hen is. ;) Gophers, on the other hand, can be frightening with those teeth of theirs.

Rebecca, at least one other person has tattled on me too. *grin* I am so amused.

Kells said...


Your blog has been charming lately. I'm been quite enjoying the "Internet as Library" Maher comment and also, Fear the Poet. My husband just ordered me one for Mother's day.

I didn't realize it was their mascot. I have a new favorite college!

Good job to you for stirring things up in a little bookstore. You rock!