Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bishop on PBS NewsHour tonight!

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February 14, 2008

Elizabeth Bishop was known to take years or even decades
to complete a poem. She published only about 90 of them
in all in a handful of volumes, including North and South,
Questions of Travel, and Geography III. But each poem
and each volume further cemented her renown among her
peers, and since her death in 1979, her reputation in the
wider public has only grown.

Now, the Library of America is publishing a collection
of her poems, prose, and letters. Only nine poets have
been so honored, and Bishop is the first woman.

Tonight, Senior Correspondent Jeffrey Brown discusses
Bishop's life with Lloyd Schwartz, co-editor of the
Library of America series and Pulitzer Prize-winning
music critic for The Boston Phoenix. Also, former
student and fellow poet Jane Shore reads one of
Bishop's most famous poems, One Art.

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