Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday night notes

Judging from the number of "lawrence king" searches I've received (and I assume other sites are getting even more), information about his murder is getting out there -- despite the fact that it isn't getting as much press as, say, the latest happenings on American Idol. Or the Indiana basketball scandal (though that's probably only usurping the front pages here in Indiana). Here's my earlier post about him. It's important for people to hear about this.

In other news, thanks to Jilly at Poetry Hut Blog for this link: Detained Burmese poet Saw Wai has been permitted a visit from his wife. (And here, again, is the "Power Crazy Senior General Than Shwe" chapbook published by Anti-).

Less important: We had a cute little ice storm here on Thursday afternoon/evening. The temperature reached 30 today, with lots of brilliant sunshine, and some of the ice started melting -- but it was still so pretty, the way all the trees were glazed and glittery. (Although still treacherous underfoot in places.) As I left the Runcible Spoon this afternoon, after a delicious brunch, I saw a couple of college kids lifting big sheets of ice off their front lawn and flinging them at each other. This caused me to draft a poem, which (for now) is titled "How Ice Becomes the Past Tense of Longing." Later, after I bought more crap than I'd intended to at Target (that's a synonym for "set foot in Target"), I heard a news story on NPR about how some scientists now believe the origins of life on Earth were not in warm water but in ice. Fascinating. That may end up in the poem, too.


Marie Gauthier said...

"How Ice Becomes the Past Tense of Longing."

I so covet that title!--it'll be interesting to see what you do with it. If you don't post a draft, be sure and say which journal it ends up appearing in....

Thanks for the link!


Lyle Daggett said...

There are actually a couple of CNN online news stories about Lawrence King, here and here, though just brief items. I heard them mention something about it on CNN on T.V. sometime during the past day or two, unfortunately I was hurrying out the door and couldn't stop and listen.

I read your earlier post about it too. Thanks much for posting about it.

Jessie Carty said...

Love the title of the poem in progress!

And I laughed out loud at the idea of spending too much in Target. Yeah, Is it possible to go in there and not buy anything?

This spring there will be one within 10 minutes of my house--a Super Target no less.


Anne said...

Marie, Jessie - thanks! I kinda like the title too. It may be better than the actual poem. ;)

Lyle, I'm glad some word is getting out, anyway.