Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tech talk

So, I finally got onto Facebook. It's pretty much eaten up my weekend, though I don't think it will be that high-maintenance on an ongoing basis (let's hope not anyway). If you're on there and I haven't spammed you sent you a friend request yet, look me up! I've already tracked down a couple of people I'd more or less lost touch with.

Anyway it wouldn't be so terribly time-consuming, except I added the "Catbook" application and now both of my cats have their own friends, which they are somehow too lazy to maintain themselves so I find myself acting as their amanuensis. Plus I have to go through and pet all my cats' friends, and the Catbook application is all buggy so it gives me error messages and I wind up petting one cat four times instead of petting four cats once each.

Yes, it is a strange new world.

Also, I got a new cellphone, and it has a camera and everything (my old one didn't), and it's bright pink! It took me like an hour to get all of my contacts typed into it. I think people in their teens and twenties must have different muscles in their thumbs than I have in mine, because it was really awkward doing all that. Hi, I'm old.

Also this weekend, I scheduled a recording session (doesn't that just make me sound like a little rockstar, ha!) at the local NPR station, where I'll be featured on two upcoming episodes of the weekly five-minute poetry show. Yes, I'll let you all know when it's scheduled to air. They stream online and you can also grab it as a podcast, so if you're interested in hearing it, you should be able to do so. Technology rocks, sometimes.

My low-tech pleasure this weekend was diving into the first issue of Barn Owl Review. I won't go so far as to say that every single poem blew me away, but there are more I loved than didn't love, which is not something I say very often about literary journals. Plenty of good stuff. If you haven't bought a copy yet, what are you waiting for?


Sara said...

Anne, glad you got your copy of BOR and that you liked it, but more importantly, *how* did you get strikethrough on blogger???

Anne said...

Sara - it's easy! Go into the "Edit HTML" tab and use these tags, except replace the square brackets with angle brackets:
[strike]stuff you want to strikethrough[/strike]

I love strikethrough. It makes so much snarkiness possible. :)

Lyle Daggett said...

Very cool about the radio show and Barn Owl Review.

In the department of near brushes with greatness;

During my last year in high school (1971-72), I was in a poetry writing class with people from various other schools around the city. The teacher from time to time would find opportunities for us (whoever among us wanted to) to go and do public readings. Everything from a professional symposium of doctors from a local hospital, to a marathon group reading at the Walker Art Center.

One day he (our teacher) said that on the upcoming Saturday, we could (whoever wanted to) show up at someplace or other and record ourselves reading our poems for a public radio show, some show broadcast out of a small town in Minnesota that featured folk music, folksy humor, and occasional serious literary content.

I'd never heard of the show, and had done readings at several other recent events our teacher had arranged for us, and I figured reading into a recording machine to be broadcast later on some radio show "sometime" was no big deal, so I decided to skip that one.

The radio show was Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, which was then in its earliest years, not yet nationally famous. So, because I shrugged my shoulders and skipped it, now I can't put on my artistic resume that my poems were ever featured on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion.

Instead, the most I can say is that I once turned down a chance to read poems on Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion, because I had too many other pressing engagements. :b

Anne said...

Lyle: What a great story! Funny enough, the show was broadcast live from Bloomington (IN, not MN; less than two miles from my front door) this past Saturday night. I thought about going, but didn't -- I think it was sold out though.

Anonymous said...

what a great list of stuff you got to do! I was the same way with my new phone my favorite thing to use the camera for is to take pics of things I want to buy. I'm on facebook I'll have to look for you and your cats when I get home! Arch this is jessie carty btw but having trouble logging in!

Collin said...

Yep, Facebook is a time-eater. And I hate all those damn applications people keep trying to get you to accept. Ugh. The things we do for publicity.