Thursday, February 28, 2008

Idol oddness and a draft

One "Idol" note: I cannot freaking believe Alexandréa got sent home and Amanda, having given one of the worst performances I have ever seen on that show, was safe. That's wack. I liked Alexandréa. She's adorable.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, and for some reason you'd like to know: read Collin's blog and Television Without Pity. Between the two of 'em, if there is snark to be snarked, they'll snark it. And trust me, they're both funny as hell even if you don't watch the show.)

* * * * *

Got the dead-tree edition of this year's Fine Arts Work Center summer program catalog today. Man, I wish I could make it out there this year. I'm hoping to at least sneak out for a long weekend at some point -- take in a reading or two, go whale-watching. Ah well. There will be other summers!

* * * * *

I haven't posted a draft in a while, so here's one. I'll disappear it in 24 hours.



Marie Gauthier said...

Damn -- that's a draft?

Thank you!


Charles said...

Love it.

But change "are picking" in the first line to "pick"

LKD said...

It's a pretty damned remarkable poem,

I refuse to call it a draft. I can't imagine what you could possibly cut or add during the revisionary process that would make this any keener than it already is.

I'm damned glad I got here and read it before you took it down.

I've been feeling kind of disgusted and disappointed with poetry lately. This poem makes me believe in its power again, its pertinence, its presence, its here-ness, it now-ness. Thank you for that.

realitywrites said...

you really pushed this one from here TO THERE. loved the shift/ice break: "I am trying to tell the same damn story"

Radish King said...

oh lovely.

Anne said...

Thanks so much, you guys ... you're very kind.

Charlie - LOL - I really think that if I made a checklist for "what Anne always needs to do when she revises," taking the -ing off of as many verbs as possible would be at the top of the list! I use that construction way too much. I can almost tell how early a draft is by counting the -ings. ;)

Collin said...

Oh, crap, I missed the poem, but thanks for the shout out about the blog. I couldn't believe those two girls went home either. I thought it was Amanda and Kady for sure.

Anonymous said...

poo, missed it. :(

hey I see you here

Anne said...

Collin - I didn't care so much about Kady vs. whatever the other blonde's name is who got eliminated (see how memorable she was?), but I'm still kind of peeved about Amanda still being there instead of Alexandrea! Sheesh.

Jilly: YIKES! Are they trying to frighten people away??? ;)