Sunday, February 03, 2008

FAWC summer workshops

The Fine Arts Work Center will be posting this year's schedule of summer workshops (and the registration form) this coming Tuesday.

If you're looking for a summer workshop, I highly recommend this program. They have a terrific faculty, and they attract a startlingly high level of students -- the three workshops I've taken there have included people with MFA's, Cave Canem fellows, people with books forthcoming, and most importantly, darn good poets. And you can't beat Provincetown for a lovely place to spend a week. (Beaches! Clam chowder! Lobster! Whale-watching! Funky little shops! Glitzy drag shows! Rainbow flags everywhere! Miraculously enough, in spite of all the distractions, I always find myself writing like crazy when I'm there.)

It's not the cheapest program around, largely because housing in Provincetown is exorbitant. But if you can swing it -- which I can't this year -- it's fabulous.

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gayle said...

I hope to find my way to the workshops at the Fine Arts Work Center some day--they sound amazing! Thanks again for your generous words, Anne--I'm so glad you enjoyed my book!